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We bring you the latest online competitions that you can enter to win. Whether it's cars, cash or a new house, we  will have it on this website. Make sure you subscribe below to stay up to date with the latest news in New Zealand.

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1. Home Lottery

002-Balcony_2Did you know that many charities in Australia raise money through prize home lotteries? These raffles often have designer homes as first prize. Values range from $1 million to $3 million dollars. Open to NZ Residents, entry into one of the home lotteries is a great idea. Tickets start from $2 AUD depending on the lottery. This could be your ticket to a new life across the ditch, as long as you don’t mind those Australians!

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2. Win $1000 Shopping Voucher with Kiwi Offers

shoppingEnter this massive draw from Kiwi Rewards to get a a shopping voucher worth up to a staggering $1000! This voucher is redeemable from anywhere. Whether it’s Pack N Save, New World or Countdown. Imagine the groceries you could buy with that amount. Split it with your husband, kids or just keep it all to yourself to get what you want. $1000 will go a long way. Enter to Win!

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2. KiwiCompetitions Fun Club – Apple Giveaway

6s-rose-goldWith stunning new features along with huge improvements from the inside and out, the iPhone 6s is an overwhelming phone that has to be seen, felt and experienced. Fingerprint sensors, active noise cancellation and a vastly improved Siri voice recognition software, it’s no wonder that everybody wants one of these brilliant phones. Enter to Win!

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